Dirty Pretty Things / DVD Edition

This DVD brings to light the plight of political refugees and immigrants who are trapped between a rock and a hard place. Desperate to earn money to support themselves, our two central characters are forced into extremely compromising positions. Torn between their morals and their need to survive, both of the main characters face dilemmas and choices that we can o­nly imagine.
Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Okwe, a former doctor from Nigeria who is trying to make a new life for himself in London. Holding down two menial jobs, his life takes a dramatic turn when he finds a human heart at his workplace.
Audrey Tautou co-stars as a Turkish woman who has sought asylum in England, where she is allowed to live but not work. But she must make money, so she works secretly while the government, portrayed in a positively sinister light, tries to catch her.
A gruesome illegal organ donation scheme forms the background of this poignant and exceptional film. Very well acted, I came to feel for the characters and found myself crying with them, and laughing with them, as they faced their hardships with as much dignity and pride as they could muster given the system within which they must survive.
The supporting cast includes outstanding performances by Benedict Wong who plays Guo Yi, a morgue employee who shares wise and humorous sayings with Okwe, and Sergi Lopez brilliantly portraying the opportunistic hotel manager. Special DVD Features:
Director commentary:  This intelligent and interesting commentary by  Frears is  a critical synopsis o­n the film with a humorous twist…a must watch

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