Hope Springs / DVD Edition

Writer-director Mark Herman has personalized Charles Webb's 2001 book "New Cardiff" into this newly released DVD entitled "Hope Springs." The story follows a disenchanted Brit, Colin Ware (Colin Firth) who comes to Hope, Vermont to start life over after being cast off by his fiancée, Vera (Minnie Driver) who decides to merry another man. Hotelier, Joanie (Mary Steenburgen) introduces Colin to Mandy (Heather Graham), shortly after their encounter sparks fly and Colin begins to integrate into the town's setting. The twist in the story occurs when Vera comes to Hope to declare her love for Colin and tells him the wedding invite was just a joke, intended to solidify Colin's commitment. Both Vera and Mandy vie for Colin's attention and love as this love triangle ensues. You will have to watch the film to find out who Colin winds up with. The highlights in this film include Oliver Platt's role as the town's mayor and Mary Steenburgen's enthusiastic and comedic performance.  Incidentally, for the sake of Canadian pride I should mention that this movie was filmed in British Columbia.  This lightweight romantic comedy is perfectly suited for home entertainment.
DVD Feature:The making of Hope Springs:  Interviews with the cast and directors and producers will you all the background you'll need and more.

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