Lou Reed

Lou Reed is treating his audience to a selection of his masterworks.  A few of the selections o­n this double live CD are recalibrated to perhaps add a new tinge to earlier recorded versions.  This CD includes, to my knowledge, the first live performance of "Sunday Morning" in many, many years.  There is an amazing funky version of "All Tomorrow's Parties" with a reference to Nico and Andy Warhol.  The depth of maturity and subtlety is captured by "Venus In Furs" and "Vanishing Act;" both are simply perfect.  Of course, o­ne of the highlights has to be hearing "The Raven" by Reed himself.  Not o­nly is it emotionally stronger than anything it is also a great blend of classic traditions with today's pop culture.  Reed states at the beginning "I changed this a bit, but I don't think Edgar cares much, because, well he's dead" and from there you know you're hooked.  Reed has that wonderful ability to recreate and enhance quality material that will appeal to a wide range of people.  When Reed says that verse "sweaty, arrogant, dickless liar…" it's impossible not to think that he is referring to what he was and will never be again.  This is an album that captures perfectly the sense of moment and atmosphere the live show has. The mastering of this live CD is amazing. The depth of the bass, the bite of Lou's solo work, Jane's cello solo, all reach down to somewhere in my soul.  Reed's Animal Serenade is the best live recording I've heard all year.

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