Mariko Tanabe Danse

Does any o­ne of us ever truly know who we are?  What is hidden beneath the facades we pull so closely about our souls that they appear real?  Nacisse en Silence is a fascinating creation of modern performance: while there is clarity in execution, there was a disquieting ambiguity that challenged the audience's grasp of their reality and the performance.  Tanabe is obviously not o­ne to shy away from the difficulties of self-exploration. 
The character performed and created by Tanabe is continuously stripped of all relative cultural meanings.  She profiles how o­ne person holds many facets of being: o­ne can be male and female, Canadian and Japanese, young and old.  Uncovering the essential spark that binds these personas together is perhaps the hardest task offered to anyone.  There is also danger involved in this quest: too much introspection can lead to self-destructive obsessive love.  Trapped in mental and physical isolation, Tanabe brutally rips away inhibitions and tenderly sensual memory into the vacuum provided.  Highly evocative, definitely personal (it is inspired by autobiographical themes) and somewhat troubling Narcisse explores the most basic human needs for acceptance, passion and desire. 
Mariko Tanabe is a third-generation Japanese-Canadian who chose to base herself in Montreal after 12 years in New York with Erick Hawkins Dance Company.  After her long stint as principle dancer and assistant rehearsal director Tanabe turned her mysterious, flamboyant person to abstract thought and feelings woven into personal mythologies and fantasies of dance.  A talented explorer of the human psyche, Tanabe is successfully performing original pieces and her continued determination is a boon to the Montreal art scene.
Jan Komarek was part of this intensive collaboration and research process for twelve weeks.  He is an acclaimed lighting designer-director for independent artists based in Prague.  Komarek is internationally noted as a talented individual in the world of theatre.  Intuition and artistic surprises are of great value to him and major factor in the creation of this solo performance with Marko Tanabe. 
3680 Rue Jeanne Mance
Info: 982-3386

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