Winnie The Pooh / DVD Edition

"Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo" is a brand new Winnie story, premiering o­n DVD. Here is yet another  touching tale about friendship. Roo is so excited about springtime because it means sharing Easter celebrations with his friend Rabbit. However, Rabbit has a different agenda. His idea of a good time is spring cleaning. He takes advantage of Roo and friends by giving orders and not helping with any of the chores. They can't understand why Rabbit wants them to clean when they should be getting ready for the annual Easter egg hunt. Rabbit decides this year he will not be the Easter bunny, acting as a sort of Easter grinch. He soon realizes that all his friends are very upset because he has ruined their holiday. Rabbit learns a valuable lesson about friendship: how to be a good friend, and to be more respectful of others. Eventually amends are made and celebrations follow. 
DVD Extras:
 This DVD contains 3 fun games that children will enjoy. "Sounds of Spring" is an interactive learning game. Numerous springtime sounds can be explored in a variety of settings. Arrows point to different objects in the scene, which can then be clicked to hear the sound and see the action that goes with it. For example: a beehive buzzes as it shakes and bees fly all around. o­ne Winnie the Pooh character is present per scene. In "Decorating Rabbit's House", Rabbit is preparing for Easter celebrations and needs help setting up. The player gets to choose where each object will go: from the dinner table, to bows and eggs decorations. Finally, "Disney's Art Project" is a fun arts and crafts lesson, where children can make paper versions of the butterflies seen in this Winnie the Pooh story. Also included are two 1988 classic Winnie the Pooh short stories: "Honey For A Bunny" and "Trap As Trap Can."

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