Romantic Paradise

Acclaimed musician Andre rieu offers up fifteen instrumental tracks for listeners to enjoy. Many will recognize the opening track from "The Godfather" (Love Theme). The following composition "Strangers In Paradise" is enchanting, as is "La Paloma." Rie continues to impress with "Barcarole" (Tales Of Hoffman), "Chanson D"Amour," "Blue Spanish Eyes" Continue Reading


The 80's were fun times, with artists showing off funky teased hairstyles, wearing flashy eccentric clothes and of course entertaining fans with upbeat pop music. Duran Duran was one of the most popular musical acts back in those days. Simon, Roger, Nick,John and Andy impressed us with their cool style Continue Reading

Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party

Pink Panther is one of the most famous cartoon characters, having appeared for the first time in the opening credits of the 1964 Blake Edwards film with the same title name. It was such a success that it earned an Academy Award and a Grammy Award for HenryMancini's famous theme Continue Reading

Blue Note Revisited

If you are looking for a new jazz album to add to your collection, you might want to check out "Blue Note Revisited." It offers interesting jazzy tunes that have a lounge feel t it. The album starts off on a bland tone with "Oriental Folk Song" by La Funkmob Continue Reading