Blue Note Revisited

If you are looking for a new jazz album to add to your collection, you might want to check out "Blue Note Revisited." It offers interesting jazzy tunes that have a lounge feel t it. The album starts off on a bland tone with "Oriental Folk Song" by La Funkmob and Wayne Shorter. Things do pick up by the second track with the danceable rhythms of "La Malanga" by Kenny Dope and Bobby Hutcherson. "Kudu Kyoto Jazz Massive" is an enticing piece by Eddie Henderson and features soulful vocals by Vanessa Freeman and Shelley Nelson. Vanessa also gives and impressive performance on "Won't You Open Up Your Senses." The album loses it's way with a few repetitive and mellow musical pieces but then gets back on track with the hip hop beats of "The Emperor" by DJ Cam, featuring Erik Truffaz and Donald Bird. This album has it's moments.

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