If you're in the mood for intense speed metal, Rhapsody is the band for you! This Italian quintet really knows how to rock. "Tales From The Emerald Saga" combines powerful, intricate guitar work and soaring vocals with classical music, creating a sound like no other. Rhapsody is known for playing Continue Reading


This CD is certainly one of the most original offerings to hit my stereo in a long time. Definitely out of the ordinary to the ears, none the less their unique quality is pleasant to listen to. They note themselves as a mix of many genres – starting off with Continue Reading

Alanis Morissette

Eagerly awaited by Alanis fans, "So Called Chaos" is definitely worth the wait. Over all I would say the CD is brilliant (with only occasional moments that are too contrived). Alanis proves yet again that she can be popular and not fall into the overly large category of awesome indie Continue Reading