Alanis Morissette

Eagerly awaited by Alanis fans, "So Called Chaos" is definitely worth the wait. Over all I would say the CD is brilliant (with only occasional moments that are too contrived). Alanis proves yet again that she can be popular and not fall into the overly large category of awesome indie rockers who become formatted to market demands when the finally get a recording contract. Always willing to speak her mind, Morissette has produced an album of introspection, growth and self-awareness that flavours her folkie rock appeal. Every track is musically enjoyable and most create a snap-shot of experience. Track "Eight Easy Steps" rails against the consumer industry that gives out so many empty promises without regard or responsible intentions. "Doth I Protest Too Much" is a perfect melding between melody and words to create instinctual recognition within the listener. The Indian influences in "Knees of My Bees" gives an added enjoyable dimension to this quirky little love song that is perhaps the best example of the happier, more care-free Alanis presented on this album. While the CD may not be overly catchy (the single "Everything" is not exactly soaring up the charts), yet there is amazing substance to every single track. The title track "So-Called Chaos" is a solid edgy alternative offering that I could listen to consistently without feeling annoyed by repetition. The entire CD is full of awesome music that deserves recognition as yet another solid offering by an excellent artist. I for one will be keeping this disk spinning regularly for the next few weeks.

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