This CD is certainly one of the most original offerings to hit my stereo in a long time. Definitely out of the ordinary to the ears, none the less their unique quality is pleasant to listen to. They note themselves as a mix of many genres – starting off with a solid foundation in Pagan / alternative music. Not quite Celtic Fusion or New Age Acoustic, Triskalia mixes it up with rock, pop and folk elements. This eccentric alternative blending lets them explore and experiment with the mysteries of life that decorate our world. While myth and magic are normally placed into the unexplainable category, Triskalia's CD makes a full fledged effort to expand the vocabulary of the unknown.

Using their voices to moderate one's understanding of the music and what's actually being said Triskalia has an exotic sound that often verges on haunting. Elodee's amazing vocal range is nestled into harmonious exchange with guitars, bodhran, violin, and keyboards. Between vocalists Elodee and Jason Bernard, different stories of life and living are spun. "Comme Dans la Nuit" is probably my favorite song because of sweet simple melodies at the end of the track. "Come a Time" features Bernard and really highlights his grungy rocker voice reminiscent of Dylan's nasal twang. Many songs, like "Mabon-Lugh" have a roving rhythmic quality; very enjoyable – even if you have no idea what the singers are singing about! Overall the album is dreamy and lovely, probably due in part to its ethereal ambiguous quality.

Myth, Magick and Mysteries
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