A Perfect Murder

This album is the latest example of a Canadian band doing things right. Surpassing many of its contemporaries at home and in the States in the hardcore and metal scene, A Perfect Murder is one more Montreal success story. Formed around the turn of the new millennium, the band spent a couple years searching for a strong, traditional sound free from typical marketing gimmicks. They aren't into the tech-metal or singing, "Unbroken" focuses instead on thick-sounding, heavy-hitting metallic hardcore.

The band is an interesting hybrid between Hatebreed style vocals, Black Sabbath-like guitar riffs and the intensity of bands like Metallica or Testament. "Blood Covered Words" was the band's first hit and led their first CD release "Cease to Suffer". Releasing "Unbroken" with Victory Records gives the band an even better advantage to explore their chosen genre of entertainment. The CD is a mix of mosh-inducing breakdowns, classic metal sounding guitar solos and grooving guitar riffs. Karl Buechner (formally from Earth Crisis) contributes to the track "No Truce" in order to intensify the brutal dynamic sound A Perfect Murder is becoming known for.

No matter how narrow your version of heavy music is, "Unbroken" will probably satisfy your craving for good head-banging tunes.

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