The Simpsons Fourth Season

The Simpsons are presently in their 15th season and have entered into the American pop culture as one of the longest lasting sitcoms as well as one of the most popular shows on television.
Having just released its fourth season DVD package, this season encompasses some of the most popular Simpsons episodes up to date according to the creator Matt Groening. Not only do you get all of the twenty-two episodes, the special feature package is where the cash prize lies. From commentaries on each episode to storyboards and animation featurettes, this package will keep you busy for hours. If you are a fan, this one will be a must to own!

Additional Bonus Features Include:
-A word from Matt Groening: What the creator thinks about the fourth season and its special moments.
-Audio commentary on every episode with writers, producers, directors: This is an in-depth look at what the people involved experienced through the process and how they created one of the most intelligent and satirical shows known to television.
-Bush vs Simpsons featurette narrated by James L. Brooks: One of the writers on the show recounts his encounter with Bush senior and a little tiff that had to do with comments about the show from the First lady.
-The Cajun Controversy: This has to do with the episode named A Streetcar named Marge and the controversy over the song written for the play in the episode.
-Animation Showcase: This element of the special features is found on every DVD disc and shows the production steps of the creation of the animation. It has a special aspect in which it shows three different screens of the process at the same time, the initial, middle and final product.
-Promotional Stuff: Inside look into the show's production as well as the meaning and social issues the show addresses. This also includes interviews with the voice actors.
-Storyboards: Shows the drawing board of where every Simpsons show production begins.
-Deleted scenes: Scenes that did not make the cut but will still give you some laughs. Short and sweet.
-Special Language Feature: This includes English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

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