Adam Cohen

The first mistake an inattentive listener might do after listening to Adam Cohen's Melancolista is categorize it as glorified elevator music. There is a definite 60/70's vibe and easy listening contemporary-Richard Marx element to it that your parents or older siblings might get off on. But what more musically inclined people will surely not miss is the polished musical proficiency Cohen possesses and showcases extensively thought out his sophomore work.

Moreover, This Montealer's first French language disc is a musically balmy and elegant ride or equivalent to a night in front of the fireplace gazing at the incandescence of the burning fire logs. Clearly Cohen's music exudes romance and sensuality that is so well crafted that scoring with your women is made easier than usual. Although issues of the heart play an important part in the lyrical canon of this compilation and are sometimes handled cynically in some songs, there can only be complete infatuation with music as stirring and sonically valuable as this. Give a good listen to Jane, Embrasse Moi, Sinecerement, New York C'etait and J'en ai Marre to give a few examples but take the time the ease back and absorb every track. Being the son of distinguished local poet Leonard Cohen, junior has got music that match's daddy's lyricism.

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