Hawthorn Heights

This Ohio formation started out in 2001 under the name "A Day In The Life," but later became Hawthorne Heights as members changed and the band's musical style evolved. For their first album with Victory Records, Hawthorn Heights enlisted the help of Sean O'Keefe, who produced Spitalfield's recent Victory release. In fact, the styles of these two bands are quite similar. However, Hawthorne Heights have a much darker side. Their songs are about personal growth and life's frustrations. Their sullen words are delivered via strong vocals and emotive musical accompaniment. Extensive studio time allowed the band to experiment and perfect their sound. Hawthorne Heights have found the perfect milieu between gentle and ferocious: soft harmonies are intertwined with intense growls. The sound comes together to the beat of Eron Bucciarelli's intricate drumming and powerful riffs produced by JT Woodruff (vocals/guitar), Casey Calvert (guitar/vocals), Matt Ridenour (bass/vocals) and Micah Carli (guitar), Woodruff, Calvert and Ridenour's voices compliment each other perfectly. In addition, guest vocalist Grace Carli makes an appearance on a number of tracks, adding even more depth to their already layered sound. Best songs on this album are "Dissolve and Decay", "The Transition", Blue Burns Orange" and "Speeding Up The Octaves". Be sure to catch Hawthorne Heights on tour this summer with Silverstein and Alexisonfire.

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