Melissa Auf der Maur

After her experience with Hole and a brief stint in the Smashing Pumpkins one wonders what plateau Montreal's own crimson haired rocker Melissa Auf der Maur will mount next. Well, for anybody who is still interested in the Pumpkins or any of its members after their abysmal performance at Parc Jean Drapeau a few years ago. The scoop is, Auf der Maur has as promoted herself to center stage with a self titled solo foray that certainly posses vestiges of her musical past but also claims proprietorship of a musical vision and style that is exotically titillating and evocative.

Perhaps living a somewhat nocturnal lifestyle might be the cause of such an impression but a good listen to Auf der Maur could convince a person that maybe this CD was originally recorded as a soundtrack for a triple x vampire porno. Or maybe this bass playing mademoiselle writes absolutely wicked music. Tracks like Real a Lie, Beast of Honour, My Foggy Notion, Skin Receiver, and the French version and rendition (how patriotic) of Taste You are attestations of this unidentifiable and ethereal brand of rock and only an inkling of the aesthetic magnitude contained in this introductory work. If this is only the beginning I cannot conceive of the greatness Auf der Maur will amount to in the future.

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