Mimi Fox

Fox's CD cover smile and supernova pose emits so much self-assurance it practically says out loud "ya, this is the bomb." In this case, looks are not deceiving but stating the irrefutable truth: track one to ten, Fox's newest product smokes like an overheated engine.

Originally from New York but now a full time West Coaster, The L.A Fox has not only played and gained the respect of Jazz monsters such as Charlie Byrd, Charlie Hunter and Grammy award winning David Sanchez, but has gigged across the globe and even illustrated her arranger/composer adeptness by contributing to both theatre and film. Downbeat's 2003 critics poll deemed her a "rising star" and there is definitely no signs of her peaking on She's a Woman but brings it on with an inexorable inundation of livid and daunting Jazz guitar tinged with the tranquil eloquence of candle light dinner balladry. East Coast Attitude, Buddy Blues and Fox's brilliant adaptation of the Beatles She's a Woman, bring the swing while Lullaby for the Leaves and Raquel, Mi Amor, defy gravity with a sweeping sensuality that glides without interruption. The sky is the limit with this guitar great and there is no doubt she will only continue to soar and attain greater heights.

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