PJ Harvey

Welcome to the English farm girl in blues-poet mode drawing influence from historically poignant figures like Clytemnestra and Emily Dickinson. A woman who can compare her lover's words to poison is one evolved to a very dark world indeed. Listening to Harvey dive into personal dramas of such pure tortured melancholy is amazing when one considers how lesser talents might sound attempting the same diversions.

"Uh Huh Her" may lack the slickness of Harvey's last album "Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea" but delivers a raw, austere sensuality that captures listeners into the dark depth of Harvey's soul. This album is overflowing with invention, emotion and brilliant poetry -additionally impressive is Harvey's ability to play all of the instruments on the album herself (aside from the drums). While the music may not have been her inspiration it definitely took guts to create and record such a vulnerable and heart-breaking album that developed and immerged from a single person. Highlights on the album have to be The Letter, Who the Fuck?, The Slow Drug and Shame. There are a lot of mixed reactions to Harvey's latest offering-some are claiming it predictable or boring but after sitting and actively listening to the disk I cannot deny the outrage, pain and longing so close to the surface. It takes conviction of self to be so raw and tender all in the same breath. I can't make any promises with this album but I can say that with the right people it strikes a very intense cord.

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