PorkBelly Futures

Props have to go to all pub dwelling blues bands and artists who play day in and day out to quench their insatiable love for music. Even pre-eminent living legends like B.B King are so active that they out-tour many, even if they are bordering antiquity. While Toronto's PorkBelly Futures may be setting up cots in the men's rooms of local watering holes, their futures may lead to bigger and better things considering that the brand of blues encompassed in their debut album Way Past Midnight, is a novel hue that artistically transcends tradition buts still has a grip on the root of all music.

Yes one can be creative with Blues and its no surprise that music brought forth by a distinguished and highly acclaimed band of artists such as these is being distributed by EMI. With prominent Canadian novelist Paul Qaurrington on vocals and rhythm guitar, brass and trumpet champion Stuart Laughton on lead axe and harmonica, Chas Elliot on the Fender bass and Martin Worthy on drums, the result is an ambivalent conflation of unorthodox lyrical themes exemplified in the musical ode to Hemingway bearing the same name and gaudy and innovative chops sprinkled with time-honoured blues and folk overtones in rocking smoothies like You learn to Love, Gladstone Hotel, My Baby and the cd's title track. This is definitely a breath of fresh air that has the potential to broaden roots music's horizons and maybe penetrate the ears of blues music virgins.

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