Primus @ CEPSUM in Montreal

After a successful stop in Montreal on the "Tour de Fromage" last November which highlighted the album "Sailing The Seas Of Cheese", Primus returned Sunday night with the Hallucino-Genetics tour. Once again a capacity crowd greeted there hero's and were treated to a two set, two hour and ten minute show full of hits and open end jamming. As with the last tour, the show was broken up into two parts. The first set was a catalog wide choice of songs while the second set was a full playing of the album "Frizzle Fry". Highlights of the first set were a rockin "Nature Boy", a great version of "Sergeant Baker" that had the moshers moshin in high gear, and a flawless version of "My Friend Fats". If I had a complaint it would be the first set seemed a tune short. Primus have discovered the fun of extending songs by jamming a little more, and seeing what and where it will go, this was evident in the second set as a 45 minute album became an hour and half of insane music. As the second set began the crowd was in fine form and the band seemed quite pleased, even commenting at one point how "this is one of the best crowds of the tour so far" much to the approval of the fans. Frizzle Fry for those that don't really know Primus is their most popular album containing hit after hit. With great precision the band ripped through the album at times stretching some songs out with incredible open end jamming. Highlights include a monstrous version of "Groundhogs Day". Strong performances of "Mr. Knowitall" and "The Toys Go Winding Down" and a very long drum solo by Tim "don't call me Herb" Alexander. The big surprise of the night came during the encore. They came back out and started playing the very popular "Southbound Pachyderm" and then pulled it into a incredible version of Rush's "La Villa Strangiato" much to the crowds approval. The stage had minimal lighting relying more on the three large balls hanging over the stage that hosted some very interesting projections throughout the show.
Primus are Les Claypool bass/vocals, Larry "Ler" Lalonde guitar/vocals, Tim "Herb" Alexander drums.

Set list
First set
Here Come The Bastards
Nature Boy
My Friend Fats
Over The Electric Grapevine
Sergeant Baker
Second Set
To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
Groundhogs day
Too Many Puppies
Mr. Knowitall
Frizzle Fry
John The Fisherman
You Can't Kill Michael Malloy
The Toys Go Winding Down
Pudding Time
Sathington Willoby
Spegetti Western
Harold of The Rocks
To Defy
Southbound Pachyderm>>
La Villa Strangiato

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