Social Code

By playing 50 punk rock albums consecutively you will accomplish two things; you will have listened to the world's longest song or the equivalent to one Neil Young song and realized that your Grandmother's budgie could probably play a few power chords. Punk rock has never been about ingenious artistry or adeptness on the other hand, it has been responsible especially with the modern form of punk for scores of dynamic, catchy as hell material. Social Code's sophomore disc A Year at The Movies is sated from start to finish with well-crafted, infectious tunes that are sure to be blockbusters within and outside punk matrices.

No doubt lead singer Travis Nesbitt's vocals are as gruff and obnoxious as the next eccentric punk rocker but quite fittingly coincides with the melody-drenched anthem like songs (Beautiful, Whisper to Scream, Cats and Dogs) that automatically have your head bobbing and the more thoughtful and emotive material that is conducive to tonsil wrestling in the back of your dad's mini van. From one magnetic hook to the next Nesbit and partners Logan Jacobs (bass), Dave Hesse (guitars) and Ben Shillabeer (drums) capture your attention and admiration with songs that can be played repeatedly and enjoyed thoroughly.

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