Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock

This DVD is packed with over an hour's worth of adventures. "Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock" is a three part story from the ever popular "Spider-Man" television series, produced by John Semper. Spider-Man must face the evils of Dr. Octopus, who is set to take over the world with his mad scientific experiments. In the process, Doc Ock kidnaps Peter Parker's good friend Felicia as well as her father. Can Spider-Man save the day before it's too late? For those who can't get enough of Spider-Man, this DVD includes two classic 1967 episodes of "Spider-Man". The stories of "The Power of Dr. Octopus" and "Sub Zero For Spidey" both relate to the main features of this DVD. It's interesting to see the way the characters were drawn then, as opposed to what they have become now. The original "Spider-Man" series is also slightly comical, as Spider-Man just so happens to get himself in the most random of situations. Who would have guessed that accidentally driving off a cliff would just so happen to lead to Dr. Octopus' secret hideout? There is even more to explore with the special features included on the disc. This thrilling DVD is sure to please both old and new "Spider-Man" fans alike. Special features:
-Two 1967 "Spider-Man" episodes; from the original series ("The Power of Dr. Octopus" and "Sub Zero For Spidey").
-"Stan Lee's Soapbox" – Lee discusses his character creations, including Dr. Octopus; where did the name "Doc Ock" come from? Why does Dr. Octopus look the way he does? Lee also speaks about Spider-Man and his super webbing abilities.
-"Episodes With Stan Lee Introductions" Stan Lee introduces each of the episodes on this DVD
Check-out the sneak preview of "Spider-Man," DVD coming out in winter, 2004 and "The Venom Saga."

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