The Contrast

After being considered "one of the greatest bands on the planet " by Little Steven Van Zandt I guess it would be safe to say that The Contrast have lived up to their expectations in being able to create music "they can get a buzz with when listening to " because it at least has Springsteen's guitarist red eyed. Their third LP Fade Back In may not be a supplement for mind-expanding ventures but undoubtedly has more than enough melody to fulfill any pop rockers fix.

The major differences between The Contrast and any other run of the mill pop act is singer/songwriter-guitarist David Reid's poignant English accent and a song catalogue especially with their latest contribution, that is gut wrenchingly real and inviolably beguiling. Despite blatantly obvious REM sounding riffs emerging at various points, Fade Back In does not lack in the originality department but makes its mark with a sophisticated and mature garage sounding edge that merges the rock with the pop. Unfortunately it's almost devoid of ballads for the exception of the powerful and awe-inspiring Something Tells me and hammers listeners with a succession of catchy pop rock tunes like George Zipp, The Guilty Party, Functional Pop Song, Smart and Disconnected just to name a few. Is the Contrast the greatest band alive? Maybe not, but they certainly have more than one up on many others from the same genre that lack their ardour and flare.

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