Bare All Over

There are so many things to think about before you get intimate, at least there are if you're sober and detail orientated. I'm talking beyond the levels of basic hygiene here, although that in itself can be a religion. I'm talking about a deeper ritual…that of hair removal. This can be one of the most embarrassing or satisfying elements to a wild romp in the hay.

Getting to that stage where you actually let him put his hands inside your pants for a little bit a petting pleasure can become pretty exciting. It's even better when he freezes mid-venture and goes 'oh wow' cause your all bare 'down there'. Of course, the complete lack of hair could go either way-some people like it and some people love. Ok, ok, some people are just disturbed by it; but nothing is worse then plucking pubes out of your mouth (male or female!). Plus the exposed parts are just that much more sensual and accessible when the hair is eradicated, revealing your soft sensitive bare skin.

The next question is how to get there? I prefer waxing but for those who fear pain, this die-hard aesthetic principle may be a bit overwhelming. Electrolysis is an amazing invention but an investment in time and money. Shaving is always an option-in fact, some people find it very sexy to be shaved by their partner or to shave in front of their partner.

If you can't bring yourself to wax or shave then start with a really good trim, it could be exactly what the doctor ordered. A bare or brush cut for you and your new recruit will enhance your tactile experiences ten fold. Mmm, enhance your pleasure, think about the smoothness and sensitivity; go ahead attempt something completely new and incredible.

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