Chance Encounters

I'm never sure why or how this happens, but it is only when I stop looking for a guy that they fall directly into my lap-or maybe that should be, that I end up sitting on his lap by the end of the evening. This only happens when I have no free time to even imagine spending with my new hottie, and he must be tempting enough to drive me crazy wishing I was with him. This is how the modern 'Alanis Morissette-style Irony' works; you can almost have what you really want-except that it's unattainable.

Meet the infamous friend of a friend's boyfriend: he is hot, charming and surprisingly available. This should have been my first tip off: all the good ones are already taken (my cynical mind thinks), right? Maybe though, this was just my night to be blessed…. Unfortunately, we have different lives, ideas, time schedules and friends-but he's hot, so we can make this work (or rather, read: I can and will make this work). Besides, under the weird category, we both emigrated from the same mid-western province of Canada to come to Montreal. It suddenly becomes obvious to me that we are destined to be together. I will contort myself around to be with this guy; interrupt my schedules and habits. In fact, I fall so hard I will even change myself to be with him. That's right; I will repress all those strange tendencies that usually scare average conservative young men away.

Things were going so well until I had a few drinks one night-and all those old urges came rushing back. A word of warning: never kiss an old girlfriend while your new boyfriend is getting you drinks at the bar. This can only lead to bad confrontations and ruin everyone's night…and the relationship…and a myriad of other things. But it did allow me to reassess my values, who was I? Who did I want to be? Why would I ever change me for some guy? Other than the enjoyable sex we shared, this guy was kind of a jerk. So much for destiny…but the question still remains; can one ever find lasting love?

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