Grab and Go

Ok, I just want to set this record straight. My body is not a drive through, drive by, shop and drop convenience product. What the hell does that mean? It all started a month ago when, on two separate occasions within seven days my bottom was subject to unwanted attention. The first time I was at a club, where my friend's band was performing. It was the very end of the evening and I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish saying goodbye to her boyfriend so we could go home and crash. I was propped up on a barstool trying not to think about my feet when three guys walked past. I guess they thought I looked lonely or bored or something because one of them decided to give my bum a royal smack as he walked by. Needless to say I was kind of shocked – I mean I just didn't think that happened in Montreal in the year 2004! Someone tell me that social liberation is not going to the dogs! How does a person respond to this kind of behaviour? If the first incident wasn't bad enough, it wasn't a week later when as I was walking out of the metro I received my second 'back-handed' compliment. I was about to start climbing the escalator and I just happened to accidentally look at some tall man in the face instead of staring at the ground. I'm not sure how this translated in his brain but he must have thought that fleeting eye contact meant he should squeeze my butt! Does this make sense to you?-because I'm still puzzled over it. To complete this sordid little trilogy of tales I'll relate what happened to a friend's sister. She was grooving out on a dance floor when some random guy picked her up, bent her over and spanked her! While this story is hilarious in retrospect it's just a little bit shocking, not to mention obscene. I'm not sure what all this means but I'd love to hear a few good answers and comments from you!

So, as I stated before – my body does not carry an open invitation to 'casual intimate' touching. My reaction is often closer to shock than anything else. Both times it took me a minute or so to get my breath back and then I couldn't help but wonder how the heck this kind of action could happen in today's world. It is not flattering, it's disturbing. I don't even know if I consider it much of a compliment. I mean-whatever happened to hello?

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