Harry Manx

If Socrates and Johnny Cash were reincarnated they would probably inhabit the body of Folk/Blues singer and songwriter Harry Manx and fight for sole control of such a gifted mind. The impact and profundity of his semi-poetic and often parable like lyrics and haunting but simplistic music is a faint reminder of some of Bruce Springsteens' past folk material. Yet, the emotional effect of his fifth album "West Eats Meet" is a distinct experience only his music and worldviews can create.

Without question this Canadian's brand of Blues and folk is the seed of all the emotion rushing forward from this CD. "West Eats Meet" particularly in the CD's fifth track "Forgive and Remember." "Make Way for the Living", "Shadow of the Whip", "That Knowing Look of Faith" and "Something of Your Grace", just to name a few, are other stirring numbers that prompt a state of heavy contemplation.

Yup, Manx makes you think, feel and consider the mystery at the centre of the human project. But, he is astute enough not to provide you with answers but only a personal perspective on things that you could relate to. As the man himself puts it, " the large part of my waking life seems to be a mystery…something to be lived rather than a problem to be solved."

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