Vassar Clements

"Livin' the Blues" is only further testimony to Clements 50 plus year legacy of first rate folk music and his illimitable scope as a bluegrass originator. Hooking up with some of today's finest blues musicians and singers, this CD shines. The fiddle maestro divulges his soulful side with a blues record that will have everyone grooving.

This mish-mash of musical styles and artists makes for more than a full hour of exceptional covers and originals. "Mambo Boogie" includes Dave Mathews on piano along with Harmonica champion Norton Buffalo; graeat tune. Clements and guitarist Roy Rogers exchange licks on a sombre and gritty version of Robert Johnson's "Phonograph Blues" while the raspy and punchy vocals of Maria Muldaur add a flesh gnashing edge to "I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle." Clement is already considered one of the best in business and with this ingenious merger of styles and creative craftsmanship he has just elevated himself to the rank of divinity.

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