There are some plays that just hit too close to home to be comfortable but that doesn't mean they aren't an amazing experience. The latest production by Persephone is dead on in its mocking portrayal of the lost youth of today and tomorrow. It shows the 'Me Generation' to their maximum as artistic, pretentious, angst-filled losers. At times it is impossible not to see someone you once knew weaving their way through this vivid mélange of inaction and facades. The dialogue is fast paced and the actions are meandering as these small town young adults are trapped into cycles of violence and substance abuse. They are desperate, disillusioned and dissatisfied with possibilities the advertising agencies had promised and what reality failed to provide. The cast of subUrbia has no where to turn, except towards denial and self-destruction.

There isn't a single sober moment between Tim (Neil Napier), Buff (Brad Carmichael) and Jeff (Paul Van Dyck). Sooze (Erin Hicock) and Bee-Bee (Nina Bournival) aren't far behind their male counter-parts in their drinking and apathy. Sooze may have a few dreams left but they are continuously verging on some quiet, hopeless death. Pony (Vincent Hoss-Desmariais) escaped small town mundaneness but he still craves the good old days where he wallowed in self-sustained misery so much that he has to re-visit the old corner and his old friend. His personal assistant Erica (Heidi Hawkins) is even more insistent in her efforts to create dangerous entertaining chaos.

Together the group joins in a gruesome clashing attempt at reviving happier times that never existed. Their actions are silently compared to Norman (Aldo Carbone), an immigrant from Pakistan who runs a corner store while studying for his engineering degree. Bogosian lets the audience see how those who are born with everything, but who throw it all away while expecting an easy ride and free perks, are doomed to suffer. Wanting everything and creating nothing can only lead one down a dark road, which while entertaining, is ultimately painful.

A great cast and strong performances coached by Soskin help to drive this play into the personal space of every member watching. Definitely worth the time and effort of everyone involved.

Shows: 23 Sep to 2 Oct 2004
Wed to Sat @ 8:30; Sun & Wed Matinée: 12:30 pm
Studio Theatre of the Monument National
1182 boul. Saint- Laurent, Montreal
Tickets: 20$/15$/12$ Box Office: 871-2224

Quote: "Suburbs were not an escape from reality, they were reality." Eric Bogosian

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