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This is what happens when pop-punkers decide they've had enough of the sugar coated sweetness. After leaving his front-man position with The Reunion Show, Mark Thomas Kluepfel decided it was time he move in a more personal direction. Kluepfel started penning dark commentaries on the state of society, including countless drugs references which he describes as a metaphor for society's constant need for a quick fix. He also explores contrasting themes of life versus death and love versus war. Kluepfel was eventually joined by Adam Manning (guitar/synth/vocals) and Clarke Foley (bass/synth/vocals) of Count The Stars, who are pretty much the backbone of the band. Drums were taken up by Skully (drums) of The Reunion Show however after the recorded, Skully made a change in his career and was replaced by Dan Leo. Interestingly enough, this album was recorded and produced by William Wittman, who has worked with Cindi Lauper for the past 15 years. Wittman took a very traditional approach to recording, in order to give the album a retro vibe. A variety of vintage keyboards were used on this recording, combined with numerous effects pedals custom made by Kluepfel himself. The result is dark synthetic sounds combined with super charged indie rock guitar riffs, with the occasional punk rock chant. The tone of the album varies from dark and slow to upbeat and danceable. Best songs are: "This Year's Fashion", "Drug Like", "Let's Never Go To Sleep", "Broken" and "The Short Weekend".

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