When a successful solo artist and peace campaigner Aviv Geffen discovered Steven Wilson's British band Porcupine Tree, he immediately felt that there was a musical connection. Geffen invited Porcupine Tree to do some shows in Israel, and before long Wilson and himself collaborated on their first Blackfield song. The connection eventually turned into a friendship, which meant two years of trips between Tel-Aviv and London. It was difficult for the two busy artists to squeeze in the time to compose and produce the Blackfield album, which was finally completed in October 2003. The result is a collection of songs written both separately and collaboratively, creating a blend of two very different cultures. Blackfield's songs are composed of poetic, choppy lyrics which speak of such dualities as truth and lie, love and loss. The sad tone of the songs is set with the soothing accompaniment of dark melodic alternative rock. This is the sort of album you'll want to play on a relaxed night in, or before drifting off to sleep. Blackfield made their live debut on Israeli TV shows, emerging with 2 singles: "Hello" and "Pain", which happen to be two of the most powerful songs on the album. Other great tracks are: "Open Mind", "Blackfield" and "Sears". The album also comes with an additional CD of 3 other songs: "Perfect World", "Where Is My Love?" and "Cloudy Now (live)". This bonus disc also includes a really neat music video for "Blackfield".

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