The Dillinger Escape Plan

New Jersey's Dillinger Escape Plan formed in March 1997 as Ben Weinmen (guitars), Brian Benoit (guitars), Adam Doll (bass), Chris Pennie (drums) and Dimitri Minakakis (vocals), who was later replaced by Greg Pucianto. In an attempt to push hardcore to the extreme, Dillinger produced complex riffs and beats, shifting time signatures, and an overall pulsating sound. They were one of the bands that developed the genre known as "math metal" (which as the name suggests, involves calculating time structures). What made this band stand out from others in the hardcore scene was that they incorporated unexpected genres with their death metal sound: electronica, industrial and even latin and jazz. It's been six years since Dillinger Escape Plan released their debut album on Relapse Records. In fact, it's been five years since Dillinger have put out any new material. Generally, after that long of a pause, a band either disappears completely, or has a difficult time reemerging. In Dillinger's case, the band has come back with a different approach, but quite possibly stronger than ever. The songs on "Miss Machine" are more experimental than ever. Stylistic combinations are extended over longer periods of time, with added creativity, such as an extended piano break, and slower instrumental sections that cut through the brutality. Standout songs are: "Panasonic Youth", "Sunshine The Werewolf", "We Are The Storm", "Unretrofield" and "The Perfect Design".

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