Skye Sweetnam

Skye Sweetnam's opening track "Number One" immediately introduces this pop punk rocking young Canadian. Sweetnam's temperamental manner comes through in her songs as she expresses frustration and dissatisfaction with a fun feel to it at the same time. "I Don't Care" has a catchy vibe. "Heart of Glass" is an appealing upbeat track that's more pop than punk unlike songs like "Shot to Pieces" and "Hypocrite" which are a bit heavier. The debut single "Billy S" gives a practical idea of what you can expect on her CD; a fun unique way of enlightening listeners of every day adolescent desires to rebel. This CD is energizing from beginning to end with few soft tracks. Each song carries a new and refreshing theme but with the same direct attitude. Her charismatic charm makes you eager to know what she's all about as you get further into the album "Smoke Mirrors" brings down the pace with a slightly mellower beat. It's apparent that these songs have been written by a young invigorating artist with talent and a fun spirit. Not only does Skye prove she has the drive to make this album a hit but she presents it with an entertaining approach.

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