Dead To Fall

Dead To Fall formed 4 years ago in Chicago. After the release of their first album on Victory Records, Dead To Fall toured with a number of American hardcore and metal bands. Just as things seemed to be going well, both guitarists and the band's drummer (and main songwriter) left the band. The remaining band members decided they would push forward and audition new members. After what seemed like an endless search, Dead to Fall was once again a complete band with newcomers Matt Matera (guitar) and Evan Kaplan (drums/computer music). Main songwriter Antone Jones (guitar) decided to come back and join other original members, Jon Hunt (vocals) and Justin Jakimak (bass). Dead To Fall's second Victory release "Villainy & Virtue" reflects on personal struggles familiar to us all. The sound is a mix of the Swedish metal style heard on their first album, with hardcore and death metal, resulting in brutally charged metalcore with edgy electronic interludes. This album is heavier and more organic, influenced by the styles of Slayer, At The Gates and Coalesce. Best songs are: "Torn Self", "Bastard Set On Dreams", "Villainy & Virtue", "Cross Section" and "Epilogue".

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