Finding your soul-mate

I will introduce this article by describing one of the ways that I envision finding a potential mate. I have already mentioned this idea to several of my friends and their responses are mixed. I will actually pursue this in the near future. This simple idea came to me recently and I realize it is not the perfect approach to potential bliss, however, if you are persistent in your search you should succeed. Are you wondering; "what I'm talking about yet?"

In this task oriented fast-paced world that we live in we are always in a hurry; working, shopping, coming and going so I think we have to just stop and focus once in a while. So if your focus is on finding a companion then take the time to find one. For instance, why just go to a shopping center to buy something. Why not take the time to consider the potential to meet someone interesting at the mall.

Take your time and observe, you will probably find at least someone that will appeal to you in your mall or any public place. Sometimes the way someone interacts with the world around them can be a positive indication of that person's persona. Don't make it obvious but look for that special person and then if that potential suitor appears take the time to observe from a far for a few minutes. If you feel that you've made a connection then go over to that person and ask them if you can buy them a coffee because you would like to meet them, even if only for a few minutes. Be honest about your feelings without scarring your potential suitor, hopefully you will meet someone who will embrace this type of chance encounter.

Yes I know, the success rate for mall dating may be low. You may have to go through a lot of rejections before you will ever meet someone, but I do believe that this is a wonderful way to become more outgoing and to eventually meet that someone special. So next time you're at the mall why not try shopping for your soul mate.

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