Society’s Perfect Man

That has to be a question and a half…especially with today's broad spectrum of choice. Is one interested in the macho or the metro? Is he broad shouldered and graced with blond curls or is he tall, dark and handsome with an air of mystery? Is it all in the eyes (those windows to the soul) or do the secrets lie in a perfect pair of kissable lips (the gate to the body). Is there ever a nice even balance to find in the middle of the road – someone you can adore but doesn't drive you crazy? Of course, the final problem is that one person's idea of perfection can be a hundred miles away from even their friend's ideal. This means that your best friend's opinion about what makes a guy perfect doesn't really matter in the long run.

When I ask myself what I think society's perfect male is, I always end up with more questions then answers. Is he a gentleman? Does he respect you? Does he pay the bills and open doors for you or encourage your independence away from such traditional norms? Is he the boy next door or the sex pot who makes you think dirty thoughts? Does the perfect man meet the needs of your body before your mind or is it vice versa? This is giving me a headache…I mean, what is a girl to do? Besides sample a widest variety of guy in the area.

Dating has to be a girls best friend; every guy will promise a different experience and after awhile you'll really start to know what turns you on and keeps you in rotation. Maybe you thought you were a hard core feminist but every time your new guy insists on opening the door for you, it makes butterflies flutter in your tummy. Maybe you hate to be touched by strangers, but you actually crave to feel this one guy's hands on your body. There is only one way to find your perfect man, and that is look for him. I'm not talking about the fashion advertisements we see everywhere. This is not the search for the perfectly pretty guy who graces the billboards, and often looks more like a woman then the scrawny girl he is with. I'm talking about the guy that makes your toes tingle and you think about him at least 30 times a day because everything you see or smell reminds you of how happy he makes you. It is a (potentially) painful process but the task of dating and sorting possible mates through the arcane rituals of movies and dinners, or a bottle of wine in a park, or a stroll through the Old Port while eating ice cream, will one day reward your efforts a thousand fold. The only way to get your personal approximation of society's perfect male is to search for him. Don't settle for anything less then your personal satisfaction-and never let anyone judge on a choice that makes you happy, they're just jealous.

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