Fabolous is back on the music scene with his follow up to "Street Dreams."
His latest album "Real Talk includes songs about drugs, life on the streets and everything else you would expect to hear on a rap album. Check out "Don't Stop Won't Stop" with it's smooth musical backdrop. "Gangsta" has a funky flow. "Tit For Tat" featuring Pharrell has an old school vibe going on. "Po Po" featuring Nate Dogg deals with the topic of police harassment. As if there isn't already enough swearing, violent lyrics and disrespect towards women in rap music, Fabolous crosses the line on "Church" in which he blends those topics with lyrics about preaching, sermons and even a mention of Jesus. The best track on the album is "It's Alright" featuring Sean Paul who spices things up with his cool lyrical flow. L'il Mo teams up with Fab on "Holla At Somebody Real," another noteworthy tune. Fabolous has lyrical skills and the cool sounds but his music lacks depth.

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