Nathan Wiley

Two years after the release of "Bottom Dollar", Nathan Wiley introduces us to "High Low". This east coast Canadian artist plays a musical combination of folk, pop, rock and blues. Not only does he sing, Wiley also plays guitars, bass, drums, percussion and organ on this recording! He also wrote, arranged and produced all the songs. To top it all off, Wiley co-designed the album's artwork and layout. Now here's one involved artist! In terms of the album itself, Wiley claims that "High Low" is more personal than the first, as he has come to explore more intimate parts of his song writing. However, he does admit that his truth is interspersed amongst bits of fiction. Wiley attributes his musical progression to his lives shows: the confidence he gained on stage inspired him to push the envelop just a bit further. The result is a musically diverse album with mature and insightful lyrics. Best songs are: "Hey, Hey", "Best That I Can Do", "Old Familiar Things"
and of course Wiley's single "High Low".

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