Various Artists

To be honest, it took me a little while to figure out what the connection was between the songs on this album. Then it finally occurred to me that these are all entrance theme songs of big-shot American wrestlers. What a concept! Apparently this type of compilation has been done before, but what makes "Theme Addict" stand out from the bunch is the bonus DVD. This companion mirrors the CD in that each of the songs are present, but with the added bonus of actually seeing the each wrestler's grand entrance into the ring. The choreography and montage is particularly well done. The songs themselves are pretty mediocre (ranging from metal, to hip-hop) but it seems that the appeal of this album is the fact that these tracks are theme songs. A must have for fans of the WWE. Check out "Cool" the saddest attempt at tropical music ever, and "Rise Up" by Drowning Pool: the best track on this compilation.

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