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The music to HBO's award-winning western series is as mischievous and entertaining as the town that serves as its namesake. Composed by Northern Exposure's David Schwartz, the "Deadwood" soundtrack bestows a rousing title sequence with a theme that blends country motifs that are intertwined with worldbeat flavour. Artists incorporated on this disc are: June Carter Cash, Lyle Lovett, Jelly Roll Morton, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Bukka White and Mississippi John Hurt. With top-notch artists, the soundtrack exhibits the best songs from the series' first season. Included on the CD is the jazzy version of Jelly Roll Morton's "Stars and Stripes Forever," the ever so delicate "Delta Blues" of Bukka White and "Farther Along" by the southern king himself, Mississippi John Hurt. The album's mix of bucolic and aggressive nature reminds me of the Wild West. While taking a listen, a vivid image of the countryside appears and I can't help but smile when a nice collection of country and blues tunes are being played. To be quite honest, I am not much of a fan of soundtracks, but "Deadwood" turned out to be a special blend, that breed's nostalgia to the TV show and relaxation to the mind.

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