Pedro Luis Ferrer

If you are looking for a new Cuban music album to check out, why not see what Pedro Luis Ferrer has to offer on his latest "Rustico". This talented artist returns to the roots of of the Cuban music genre and experiments with different formats and traditions from his homeland. The featured instruments are the Peruvian box and marimbula, which is a large thumb piano, Cuba's primitive bass that was used in the 19th century. "Traditionalists in Cuba might tell you my music is not as traditional as it might sound" explains Ferrer. " I use tradition, to reinvent it, to join pieces that were separated. To bring forward elements that left behind". Thirteen tracks are featured on "Rustico". "Fundamento" "La Cumbanchera", and "Si Alguna vez" are enjoyable tracks that will have listeners dancing to the cool Cuban vibes. Conga vegetariana" is an unusual topic in a song but a notable track. It's dedicated to two Norwegian friends of Ferrer who follow a meatless lifestyle. A unique album.

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