Local Montrealers Patrick Pleau, Denis Charbonneau, Bryan Ortiz and Jean Francois Lefoll are part of a band called Plajia. The name of the group is derived by the word "Plagiarism" but the group summarizes the overall meaning as "true love does exist but possesses laws that can be hurtful at times. A muted hurt lightened by the poetic nature of sounds". The group was founded in 1999 by lead vocalist / musician Patrick Pleau and their music combines various styles such as rock and brit pop. Their music is experimental and is seen right from the first track "Trance", a mellow composition. "Me, My Love & A Cord Of C" is a bit drab. The following track "Deception Station" fares better. "Dummy" is a cool track but the acoustic version is not really impressive though as without the rockin' sounds it appears vocally on the weaker side. Two French songs are also featured. "Cimetiere Lunaire" and "S'Crissier Des Autres". This album has its moments.

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