Street Dogs

Check out this latest CD by Street Dogs, it's filled with upbeat rockin' tracks, that keep you wanting more. The punk music on this album actually addresses some of today's issues such as war, corruption, politics, alcoholism and drugs. "Strike A Blow" prepares listeners for what is set to follow. "You Alone" offers up some inspirational lyrics followed by "In Defense Of Dorchester" is a decent effort. "Back To The World" and "Tales Of Mass Deception" look at aspects of the war in Iraq from the point of view of U.S. soldiers being sent to fight under false pretences. "Drink Tonight" is really heavy on the guitars and vocals and does not tackle any issues. "White Collar Fraud" and "Stagger" are standard tracks. The album gets the thumbs up for tackling some serious issues while the music sounds analogous through most of the album.

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