Money Money

This band of metal / punk merchants hail from Ontario and have recently found success. Recently noticed by radio stations and music television this band is on the rise. Money Money is difficult to categorize as is most music, suffice it to say, turn your stereo up loud if you're looking for the intended effect.

A bit of background on Money Money reveals a ten year relationship between lead singer Ryan Kennedy and Jeremy Boyd (bass). Ryan Kohls (drummer) and Graeme Kennedy (guitar) dug their heads into British influenced tunes in the interim. Interestingly, Jeremy Gabriel was a former minister that searched for direction but eventually became guitarist for Money Money.

We Are Money Money boasts 13 hard edged songs that will grab your attention. It's refreshing to recognize that Canadian bands still know how to rock. I'm told this lineup puts on an amazing live show. money Money has recently opened for bands like Billy Talent, the Stills, and the Stranglers. Catch them when they show up at your local concert hall.

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