Aselin Debison

Once in a while there comes an artist whose music is like a breath of fresh air. Aselin Debison's music is exactly that. Her sophomore album "Bigger Than Me" offers up ten tracks, which this talented Canadian also takes credit for having co-written the lyrics. The absolutely charming & angelic vocals of this teenager are apparent throughout the entire album. She mentions that all the songs mean something to her, whether it was based on personal experience or the view of a friend's experience, even stuff that one sees in everyday life. Aselin is able to engage the listener with songs such as her debut single "Faze", a song about a friend's parents divorce. "Life" is an introspective tune. "Miss You" and "Cat In The Sun" are a pleasant listen. "Thank You (4 Breaking My Heart) is a mature way of looking at a breakup. "The Friend In Me" and the title track are delightful. The album ends off with the enchanting "Most Of All". An excellent album. Go get it.

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