LCD Soundsystem

If Beck teamed up with the Pet Shop Boys they would sound something like lcd soundsystem: Part disco, part punk-rock, all indie. This 2 CD album is James Murphy's first major personal full length release on his own DFA label. After the surprisingly successful and one of the most highly talked about singles of 2002, Losing My Edge, Murphy continued this stream of crisp new music adding a few more tracks to his name in 2004. Murphy released the self-titled lcd soundsystem label in January 2005. Former member of post-hardcore band Pony and later, Speedking, Murphy went on to build his own studio while producing and engineering for other bands.

This album is an eclectic array of layered beats combined with simple catchy lyrics and smart samplings. The second bonus CD includes some older singles that helped get Murphy recognized in the last few years. Actually the tracks on the bonus disc are the real gems. They are more succinct and to the point, less meandering, less dancey, as opposed to the more experimental and drawn-out selections on the first disc. Having performed at Montreal La Tulipe this May to rave reviews, lcd soundsystem will surely grow in popularity in the coming months.

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