Sunday Night Survivor Improv

For several Sunday nights during the summer at the Ste. Catherine Theatre (264 Ste. Catherine Est) there will be Survivor-style improv. Being that the Ste. Catherine Theatre is quite small and it lends to a very intimate atmosphere for the viewer, which I think is very good when it comes to comedy. I went this past Sunday (May 29th) and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of comedic improv talent we have in Montreal. There was even a contestant who came all the way from Vermont to participate in the evening.

The evening was hosted by Rodney Ramsey (who is very funny himself) and the producer/idea man was Eric Amber (he will be directing and/or co-writing five plays during the Montreal Fringe Festival which is beginning soon). At the beginning of the show the audience is instructed that we will be the ones deciding the fates of the contestants; we vote off the contestants. We were instructed to rate each improv scene by applause on a scale of 1 (being poor) to 5 (being very strong). Whichever number got the most applause would be the score for all the contestants participating in the scene.

To start off there are 13 contestants and for the first round each of them performs in two scenes. Groups (anywhere from two to four) of contestants' numbers (0 to 12) are randomly selected and they are given the style of improv scene they will be doing. The details of the scene (relationship, occupation, location, etc.) are given to the contestants either by Eric or the audience. After everyone had completed their two scenes there was a short intermission. After the intermission 5 contestants were eliminated. The remaining 8 were given one more scene and then 2 more were then eliminated. The remaining 6 were given one more scene and then 4 more were then eliminated. This left the final 2 contestants (one of them was the guy from Vermont) and they were given a best 2 out of 3 improv scene where they would try to get the hat off the head of the other contestant without the other person being able to stop or elude them. The show lasted for roughly 2 hours. Fans of improv or comedy in general should really enjoy this event. A large portion of the 13 contestants were quite talented and there were very few scenes that got a lower rating from the audience than 3.

Sunday, June 5th and 26th are the next Sunday Night Survivor Improv shows. The show begins at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $5,00.

Sunday Night Survivor Improv
Ste.Catherine Theatre
264 Ste. Catherine Est
phone number: 284-3939

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