Sinai Beach

Be warned. This is heavy metal. No nu-metal here, just as hard as it gets metal. I'm not a fan of all hard-for-the-sake-of-being-hard music, but there seems to be enough variety in the "singing" and melodies here to help make it through the brutality of the entire album.

Hailing from Riverside, CA, Sinai Beach are surprisingly a Christian band, which doesn't really mean too much since the lyrics are rarely audible. The thick guitars do not let up for an instant and no cheesy ballads à la Seether will be heard here. Here on their second full-length album, C.J. Alderson provides great low-sounding vocals reminiscent of Danzig. The focus doesn't shift much at all, with thunderous bass and drumming audible throughout.

For fans of Slayer and Meshuggah, Immersed is full of in-your-face noise and brutal riffs to keep most thrashers content. To some the sound may wear thin after several tracks, but for lovers of extremely hard stuff this album will no doubt suffice.

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