Millions is a superb soundtrack. Unlike the semi-recent trend of soundtracks containing huge hits by the biggest bands, it is nice to see the trend shift to more thematic compilations in the groove of Wes Anderson. Similar to Anderson's style of orchestral pieces interspersed with choice cuts, Millions features great work by John Murphy, who uses that same idea here with a beautifully woven soundtrack.

I find it almost better not having seen the movie, since I am forced to imagine the scenes and imagery that is provoked through the music. Similar to the sound from Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, Millions has that grandiose, mystical feel to it. The second track, "Blackout", by Muse, is the perfect selection as it blends effortlessly into the greater sound.

This album features a very dark and haunting mood that works very well, as heard on "Chuggers/Sterling/Lost Boy 2" and the second half of "Moving In / Lost Boy 1". The lesser-played Clash track "Hitsville U.K." is a fine choice, which manages to work its way in. Overall this album transmits the mood and ambience of the movie extremely well. Millions flows perfectly from track to track, and along with other solid soundtracks now being released Millions should help typify what soundtracks ought to sound like.

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