Jolie Holland

Is it only me that hears remnants of Lullaby Baxter's mix of jazz, folk, Americana and country-blues music in Jolie Holland's debut studio album, "Escondida"? It's almost uncanny. Holland has a similar vocal range and presentation to Baxter's. Even the compositions have that fun tongue in cheek quality. First of all it should be noted that this CD was released over a year ago, regardless, music is timeless and "Escondida" definitely has that eternal quality. It's hard not to fall into this CD if you enjoy something a bit off the beaten track; I listened to this one over and over again. This CD features 12 captivating tunes from the first track "Sascha" to the last "Faded Coat Of Blue." The core band consists of: Dave Mihalaly, Brian Miller (guitars) and Jolie Holland ( lead guitar, fiddle and vocals). Enjoy Holland's lilting airy vocals on this captivating CD. Can't wait till the next one. Check out Jolie Holland live at The Club Soda tomorrow night (July 7th, 2005).

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