Laguna Beach

Not being very TV savvy I only heard about this rather new MTV reality show a couple of weeks ago. "Laguna Beach" was inspired by Fox's uber-successful teen oriented TV show "The O.C." MTV decided to delve into the lives of eight real live residents of Laguna Beach, California and marketed the program as the real teens of Orange County. Like the characters on "The O.C." the adolescents on this so called reality show live opulent lifestyles that most of us can only dream about.

Each episode starts off with a short introduction by Lauren, or "LC" as her pals call her. "LC" was chosen "Most Irresistible" by her high school peers. The anti-Lauren or protagonist is the beautiful Kristin who has a reputation of being a party girl. Kristin and Lauren are both completely infatuated with Stephen; who lives any guy's dream of being pursued by two very attractive girls and riding the Californian surf. Some of the other lesser interesting characters include: Christina whose dad is a TV evangelist, Trey whose best friends with Stephen and Talan, the athletic guy who has hooked up with most of the senior girls from his high school. The following three girls play more of a supporting role on the program, they include: Morgan, Christina's best friend who recently found out she didn't get accepted to college, Jessica who hooks up with nice guy, Dieter and then there is Lo, yet another blond-haired blue eyed fashion maven and Lauren's best friend.

Yes the characters seem shallow and the situations do seem pre-formulated, but there is something appealing about these wealthy teens from So Cal. It seems unfathomable to image the plot to be real and I believe that these youths are being directed at least in part. The cinematography and beach scenes make you want to dive into your television. Even if only for the eye-candy you will enjoy all eleven episodes on three DVDs.

I spent a few years in Southern California and I actually dated a girl from Orange County. I always felt that quite a few young Southern Californians were so far removed from the reality of the rest of our world that it was just a facade they played. In reality several stereotypical Californians do exist; remember the "valley girls" or the "surfer dudes" they're alive and well and are a welcomed addition to our wild and wacky world.

Special DVD features

-Production Interviews
-Cast Featurettes
-LC's House Tour
-Casting Tapes
-Lo's Guide To Laguna Beach
-Behind-the-Season One Finale with Kristin and Trey
-The Laguna Beach highlights:
The Laguna Triangle
Laguna Looks
-Season Two Sneak Preview
-Free VIP membership to Laguna Beach
-Surf club on
-Music Videos
-Deleted Scenes

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